Event Reminder: Guild Summit, Special Sales & Kingdom CTF!

Date: Mar 28 2014 04:40:22 Source: Official Views:

With the Supreme Guild Summit released earlier today, the most packed weekend is coming your way! You can get the necessary Timber and Granite with your online time and Chi/Jianghu Points, but don’t forget to grab some Marble and Gold Bricks in the PK tournaments! Now, let's check out what major events are happening over the weekend, and what you can get when you win!


Available Materials


Team PK

Winner: 1,500 Marble + 50 Gold Bricks
2nd Place: 500 Marble + 10 Gold Bricks
3rd Place: 300 Marble + 5 Gold Bricks
4th - 8th: 100 Marble


Guild War

1 Marble per kill, up to 5 Marble per person.
Winning Guild: 3,000 Marble + 150 Gold Bricks

Capture the Flag

1st Place: 3,000 Marble + 150 Gold Bricks

If you win all 3 of these events, that's 350 Gold Bricks, worth approximately 26,000 CPs! That can help your Guild Compound out by a lot! Also, you can credit a certain amount of CPs to claim as many Gold Bricks as you want! (Check out the event guide, here)

Though this is in the center of the spotlight, the Trojan Special Sale & Chi Rebate will be approaching the final day on April 3rd! If you haven't grabbed one of the deals from the sale, you'd better hurry! There are +Stones, Super Gems, Dragon Ball Scrolls, Exemption Tokens, Training Pills, and more, all being sold at an incredibly low price! It's really NOW or NEVER! In addition, you can still save up to 50% on your Chi Points in the Chi Rebate event!

Lastly, Capture the Flag on Saturday will not only give you chances to earn Gold Bricks, but will grant you access to the Kingdom Capture the Flag event happening on April 1st! Now, unite your guild members, and strive for the one, true goal…. becoming the strongest!

  • World Cup Bet
  • World Cup Sale
  • 11 Years
  • World Cup Bonus
  • Hall of Fame
  • June Events
  • Fever
  • Kingdom CTF
  • Divine Server
  • Kingdom War
  • New Class
  • Account History Recovery
  • Adventurer's Pub