Supreme Guild Summit Opens March 28th!

Date: Mar 27 2014 08:00:02 Source: Official Views:

On March 28th, the CO team will hold a special Supreme Guild Summit event for all 2nd Reborn members of Level 9 guilds! All members can talk to the Guild Summit Envoy in Twin City (237,229) to learn more about the event, and guild leaders can log on to the event page to setup and manage their Guild Compound.

Here's a guide video to help you learn how to participate in the Supreme Guild Summit event!

The Supreme Guild Summit is all about unity, strategy, and hard work. It will take all of your guild members to work together, if you hope to have a chance of winning. For each guild leader, it will be quite challenging to unite all your guild members and work toward one goal. Therefore, it's critical for each guild leader to fully comprehend the entire event.

Stay tuned to the official website for complete details of the Supreme Guild Summit!

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