Wrath of the Trojan: Epic Quests, Weapons & Skills!

Date: Mar 21 2014 05:22:30 Source: Official Views:

The Wrath of the Trojan will be available on March 20th, 2014, after the routine maintenance is complete. The focus has been concentrated on the newly introduced Epic Weapon, the Cross Saber, and the CO team would like to address some questions about the Epic Quests & Weapon here.

New things about the Epic Quests & Weapon.

  1. When a Trojan completes the Epic Quest by using 90 Energies, he'll receive ONE Cross Saber. 
  2. Only the one-handed weapons, including the Blade, Sword, Club, Axe, Whip, Hook, Dagger, Scepter, and Hammer, that the Non-Reborn Trojans can equip can be used to exchange for Cross Saber.
  3. All the Cross Saber possesses the same statistics, which are NOT affected by the kind of weapons you used to exchange.
  4. All the attributes will be inherited from the original weapons, including Composition, Sockets, Gems, Blessed Attributes, and even Poison Effect.
  5. The permanent Dragon Soul effect will remain, but the non-permanent Dragon Soul effect will disappear after the exchange. If you had Blade Soul purified, Cross Saber would have kept Blade Soul.
  6. You can purify Cross Saber with Dragon Souls for one-handed weapons, including Blade Soul, Sword Soul, Hammer Soul, et cetera.
  7. Trojans can perform Fast Blade and Scent Sword while equipping the Cross Saber. However, weapon Skills, such as Phoenix, Rage, Penetration, et cetera, will NOT be kept for Cross Saber.
  8. Cross Saber is for the Trojan only. Other classes cannot equip Cross Saber. For instance, if you were a Trojan, and then reborn as a Warrior, you cannot equip Cross Saber, even if the Cross Saber is below Level 70.
  9. You can pay CPs to get Energies, to complete the daily task more quickly. Once an Energy is purchased, there's no need for you to collect the required items.

Also, all Trojans will be able to obtain a number of new skills, which will breathe new life into their already formidable ability!

Let's check out these new skills!

Breath Focus

Passive skill. If fails to hit the target with a random active skill (excluding Reborn skills), the caster has a 100% chance to recover Stamina by 5.
Note: you can only learn this skill when you complete the daily Epic Quest for 7 times.

Super Cyclone

XP skill. Boosts the caster's movement and attack speed, and halves the cost of Stamina required by other skills. Lasts for 40 seconds.
Note: Cannot recover XP while in use, and you'll have to do the daily Epic Quest for 1 time, in order to learn this skill.

Fatal Cross

Trojan Epic Weapon only. Equip 2 Epic Weapons and throw the Cross Saber in a target direction, inflicting 85% of normal damage on all targets within 2 paces along its attack path.

Mortal Strike

Requires 2 Trojan Epic Weapons. While attacking, the caster has a 30% chance to cause 185% of normal damage on human targets within a certain range and 200% damage to monsters.

Note: You can check out the videos for the new skills, here.

Outstanding, isn't it? In addition, all Trojans are able to accept the Epic Quest from Pak's Ghost in Twin City (267,149) on March 20th, and begin a new adventure into Twin City from 300 years ago for an Epic Weapon, the "Cross Saber". Click here to learn more about the quest.

Not just that, there are a few other improvements that you should pay attention to!

  1. The skill, "Hercules", will be able to be performed by the Trojans with two different one-handed weapons of any kind equipped.
  2. The Privilege Month for Trojans will kick off the special sale on Oblivion Dew(B) and Power EXP Balls(B) from Mar. 20th - Apr. 19th.
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