Adventurer's Pub New Topic – Power of the Tao!

Date: Mar 11 2014 02:32:56 Source: Official Views:

In the world of Conquer, the Water Taoist has always plays a support role for the other classes, which is still quite an important position in team battles. However, PvP action is not the Water Taoist's strong suit. If we were to buff up the Water Taoist, would you want the Water Taoist to improve their self-defense and healing ability? Or would you prefer the Water Taoist to improve their attacks, and become an offensive force like the Fire Taoist? Let us hear your thoughts about this idea, here!

This new topic will be open for discussion from March 12th 00:00 - March 18th 00:00. All VIP players can log on to the Adventurer's Pub to share your creative ideas with each other, and win some nice rewards for yourself! In the meantime, other players can also participate in this discussion by submitting your suggestions to the Designer's Mailbox!

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