Adventurer's Pub New Topic - Ninja's Resurgence!

Date: Feb 27 2014 03:34:56 Source: Official Views:

Following the Wrath of the Trojan, the Ninja will be the second class that goes down the path of the Epic Quests. With the epic weapons revealed for the Trojan back in late January, what kind of epic weapons do you think the Ninja should adopt, in order to reclaim the long lost power that topped the world? Use your imagination, and voice your thoughts here!

The new topic will be open for discussion from March 1 00:00 - March 7 00:00. All VIP players can log on to Adventure's Pub to share your creative ideas with each other, and win some nice rewards for yourself! In the meantime, other players can also participate in this discussion by submitting your suggestions to the Designer's Mailbox!

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