Ms. Conquer Update: New Candidates, Young and Beautiful!

Date: Feb 20 2014 04:20:20 Source: Official Views:

As of February 20th, verified candidates are up to 85 and the number keeps increasing! Before the deadline for the submissions comes, we'd like to encourage all female players in the world of Conquer who haven't shown up for the event to come out and shine!

We've put together a picture of several new candidates for you to meet. Check 'em out!

From left to right (Upper Side):
Flames (WildSwan), Kundalini (Dark), Miss.An (Fire), Darling* (WildSwan)
From left to right (Bottom):
|*+TS+*| (Fire), Moonacre (HangingGardens), Lady_Mesmerize (Libra)

Beautiful, aren't they? I bet you have noticed a special candidate at the bottom! She's a 5 year old girl. That's right! A 5-yo girl named Gabi, who has been playing Conquer for 2 years, is running for the Ms. Conquer title. More surprisingly, her parents met and got married because of Conquer Online, and she's absolutely the product of love and adventure!

During verification, we found that this young Conqueror hasn't credited to her account. Maybe because she doesn't meet the requirements to apply for a credit card! Therefore, we’ve decided to dish out a special gift, a $15.99 TQ Point Card, for her first in-game credit!

With only 3 days left, it's time for you to hurry up and submit a genuine selfie of yourself with something related to Conquer! Don't be shy, and come out to shine!


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