Notice: Change Made to Finding Ms. Conquer Event

Date: Feb 19 2014 02:39:51 Source: Official Views:

Since the beginning of the Finding Ms. Conquer event, there have been a lot of female players coming out to join, which encourages more ladies lurking in-game to become a part of the Ms. Conquer pageant! Considering that many of the photos are taken with a smartphone, which can be a hassle to resize for the upload, we will be changing the requirement regarding the resolution of submission photos.

  • From now on, submitted photos are not limited to a resolution lower than 1680 x 1050. You can now upload photos in any resolution, as long as the content of the photo meets the requirements.

Now, it will be more convenient for you to just snap a shot of yourself with CO related imagery, and upload it to the event page! We want to re-emphasize that the content of photos must be related to Conquer Online. For instance, you could snap a photo of yourself with game related content in the background, like our game running on the monitor, or you wearing a Conquer T-shirt, or holding a mobile device (an iPhone or iPad, to be precise) that is running Conquer. Any photoshopped photos will NOT be accepted, and no plagiarized photos will be allowed.

Moreover, the special Weapon Accessories that will be awarded to the verified candidates of the event have been completed, and are ready to shine through the world!

Lovely, aren't they? Submit your genuine photo NOW and sign up for the Finding Ms. Conquer event before Feb. 23rd, and you'll get yourself a fun Weapon Accessory!

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