Special GW: Last Stand Set to Begin Saturday, 650,000 CPs Up for Grabs!

Date: Feb 14 2014 03:41:09 Source: Official Views:

Happy Valentine's Day, CO!

While we're celebrating Valentine's Day with a series of romantic events, we'd like to remind all CO fighters from the Hercules server that the Special Guild War will begin its final round on Saturday night!

Introduced during the opening of the Hercules server, the Special Guild War has already seen 2 different guilds take home of a total of 350,000 CPs in prize money! However, the biggest prize always comes at the end! On Saturday night's Special Guild War, the winning guild will have the chance to bring home a total of 650,000 CPs!

What's more, you're entitled to have the prize money delivered to anywhere you want! For instance, you can request that half of the prize be sent to a given server, and rest of it remain on the Hercules server. Or, you can have all CPs delivered to the server of your choosing!

Ready your guilds, and prepare yourselves for the biggest battle of the new year!

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