February Event Preview: Special Guild War, Finding Ms. Conquer & More!

Date: Jan 28 2014 05:13:51 Source: Official Views:

February begins with the traditional Chinese New Year, and the CO team is honored to present the Spring Festival Events to all warriors out there, right before the beginning of the month! But just wait, because that's just the first of many events to come in the month of love!

As Valentine's Day will come on February 14th, the events that focus on the theme of love and being loved will take off from the get-go! Now, let's take a look what February has in stock for CO!

Online Events

Weekly Credit Bonus (2/3 - 2/28): Each week gives you an opportunity to claim amazing rewards, just by crediting a certain amount of CPs!

Valentine's Day Special Events (2/11 - 2/14):In celebration of Valentine's Day, there'll be 5 special events, each of which will reward you with a special pack full of love and precious prizes, including Meteors, Praying Stones (L), Garments, +Stones, and even Dragon Balls!

Mythical Flower Essence (2/11 - 2/16): Feel the power of the flower essence as you walk the path of love! Can your love conquer everything? Show us your strength, and win +Stones, Garments, and Dragon Balls!

Garden of Love (2/13 - 3/13): As Valentine's Day approaches, you can buy all flowers at the lowest prices ever, to build up your own flower trove and fill the land with the beauty of Valentine's!

Credits of the Heart (2/13 - 3/13): February always teems with gorgeous flowers! This time, you'll receive a ton of flowers, as well as limited edition Garments, and Aladdin's Carpet, whenever you credit a certain amount of CPs!

New Server Extravaganza (Begins on 2/20): A new server, Fatal Cross, will open on Feb. 20th, bringing 4 special events, including the Aspiration Pack Giveaway, and the Special Guild War, which will give up a total of 1,000,000 CPs to the winners!

GM Challenge (2/20 - 2/26): Have you ever dreamt of taking on a GM? Well, get ready! During this event, heroes have the chance to challenge the GM characters in a battle for a special Mount Armor!

Offline Events

Exclusive Server Reservations (2/13 - 3/5): Book your place in the next hot server in CO, and take home special prizes, just for you!

Finding Ms. Conquer (2/13 - 3/13):Ladies in the world of Conquer, we want you to strut your stuff! To be honored as Ms. Conquer 2014, you must shine through the world! The winners will be crowned Ms. Conquer 2014, and top contestants will receive a great prize!

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