Epic Quests: An Unexpected Journey

Date: Jan 21 2014 18:48:27 Source: Official Views:

Since we recently introduced the Epic Quests and Epic Weapons content, many posts have sprung up looking for answers to questions. What will it be like? When it will be available in our CO? It's really our honor to present to the community a feature that they're keen on, and now we're going to bring you more information about this epic expansion!

It's been confirmed that not just the Trojan, but all other classes, will receive an upgrade. Though the Trojan will be the first to embark on their unexpected journey, far inside uncharted land. The quest for these weapons of legend will be varied for each class, which means facing different challenges down the path to becoming a true force! Besides, Epic Tokens, which will help you during the quest for Epic Weapons, will make an appearance in the world of Conquer!

Although the final design for the weapons is yet to be finalized, the "Make a Guess" event has collected many pieces from our dear players. (Note: Only original work is accepted. Plagiarism will result in disqualification from the event.) As the event progresses, we're looking forward to seeing more creative and crafty artwork from all of you!

Keep watching for an upcoming video that will reveal the potential look of the Epic Weapons at the end of this month!

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