Jiang Hu Training Discount Kicks Off, Jan. 24th

Date: Jan 20 2014 20:49:04 Source: Official Views:

As the Jiang Hu Attribute Rankings contest draws near, so does Jiang Hu Discount! It won't come at a more opportune time, as all Jiang Hu fighters will stock up points for the competition. Along with the Discount event, two new items in Favored Training Pill and Senior Training Pill will be brought to light!

From Jan. 24th to Feb. 13th, you can receive free gifts, which comprise Favored Training Pill and Senior Training Pill, when you credit CPs, and in return you'll get as many as 5,900 CPs in value! Check out what you'll get from the Jiang Hu Discount, here!

Note: The Favored Training Pill, which is equivalent to 10 CPs, can be used to perform the normal training in Jiang Hu, and Senior Training Pill will increase the rate of acquiring an Ultra attribute in Jiang Hu.

CPs Credited

Free Gifts


5,000 CPs

Favored Training Pill x10, Senior Training Pill x3

250 CPs

10,000 CPs

Favored Training Pill x10, Senior Training Pill x4

300 CPs

20,000 CPs

Favored Training Pill x15, Senior Training Pill x11

700 CPs

35,000 CPs

Favored Training Pill x25, Senior Training Pill x20

1,250 CPs

55,000 CPs

Favored Training Pill x40, Senior Training Pill x34

2,100 CPs

100,000 CPs

Favored Training Pill x100, Senior Training Pill x98

5,900 CPs

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