Reserve Your Privilege Pack As New Servers Open, Dec. 19th!

Date: Dec 09 2013 03:53:22 Source: Official Views:

Do you still think about making a name on the Fast Blade server, yet come up short? No worries! A second chance is on its way! During the holiday season, there'll be one exclusive server coming, Scent Sword, on Dec. 19th. Are you ready to lock in your spot and claim the Privilege Packs, extra reward, and 2,050 CP Pack when the servers come alive?

Now is the time for you to step up again! Starting 00:00 on Dec. 10th - 00:00 Dec. 18th (PST), qualified players can log on to the event page and follow the steps to complete your reservation! Remember, each step is only available during a certain period of time, so you'll need to pay close attention to the rules and info on the event page!

What will you get from these Privilege Packs?

1st-Reborn Privilege Pack
Requirements: >= Level 100 1st Reborn on your original server.

Meteor Scroll

+1 Maroon Steed Pack x2

EXP Ball(B) x3

+1 Stone x2

Penitence Amulet(B) x3

300 CPs(B)

Refined Dragon/Phoenix Gem x5

Favorable Dragon Ball Pack

300 Study Points(B)

Vital Pill(B)

Level 50 Super Weapon Pack

Super Weapon Refinery Pack(B)

Exemption Token Pack(B)
(791 CPs saved)



2nd-Reborn Privilege Pack
Requirements: >= Level 15 2nd Reborn on your original server.

Meteor Scroll x3

Level 50 Super Weapon Pack

EXP Ball(B) x5

+2 Maroon Steed Pack x2

Penitence Amulet(B) x5

+2 Stone x2

Super Dragon/Phoenix Gem

500 CPs(B)

500 Study Points(B)

Favorable Dragon Ball Pack

P4 Dragon Soul Pack(B)

Vital Pill(B) x3

Exemption Token Pack(B)



VIP Privilege Pack
Requirements: >= VIP 2, Level 100 1st Reborn on your original server.

VIP Privilege Pack

House Permit(B)

Blessed Garment Pack(B)

Mount Armor Pack(B)

Weapon Accessory Box(B)

Exemption Token(B)

Besides these great packs, there are extra rewards waiting for you to get your hands on, as long as you can reach 2nd Reborn within 7 days!

Don't miss out on this jubilant server event! It all starts on Dec. 10th!

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