Adventurer's Pub New Topic - Summoner's Revival!

Date: Dec 02 2013 18:46:50 Source: Official Views:

Do you still remember the good ol' days? Guards and monsters that you can summon after being reborn played an important role in Conquer Online. They helped us level, defend against attackers, and helped us take down foes. However, with the implementation of more and more new functions, those guards and monsters have slowly faded from the stage. How can we get them back into the thick of things? Share your thoughts, now!

The new topic will be open for discussion from Dec. 3rd 00:00 - Dec. 12th 00:00. All VIP players can log on to Adventure's Pub to share your creative ideas with each other, and win some nice rewards for yourself! In the meantime, other players can also participate in this discussion by submitting your suggestions to the Designer's Mailbox!

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