Privilege Packs Ready As Overcrowded FastBlade Opens!

Date: Nov 21 2013 02:08:02 Source: Official Views:

Too empty back where you belong? No worries! As crowded as it can get, FastBlade server is welcoming you to get a niche now! Also, we're glad to announce that the Privilege Packs you booked before the opening of the server are now available for you to claim on the Event Page here!

What's more, on an encouraging note there are already over a thousand players coming into FastBlade. Are you among this big crowd? Besides, if you reach the Level 15 of 1st-Rebirth before 24:00 Nov. 27th, you'll get to open the packs you got! Moreover, if you reach 2nd-Rebirth in 7 days, an extra reward, which gives up a $15.99 TQ Point Card, is waiting for you!

Isn't it something that you DON'T want to miss? Join the new server FastBlade, NOW!

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