Reminder - Kingdom War Preparations Continue, Nov. 21st!

Date: Nov 18 2013 19:53:25 Source: Official Views:

While we wait for the Kingdom War to come upon us, the preparation for it never comes to a standstill. From "Nov. 21st to Nov. 28th, the Requisition Officer is still in Twin City (442,383), offering great deals on all the supplies and equipment a hero needs for the upcoming Kingdom War!

Now, let's check out what the Requisition Officer will offer!

Items for Sale


+6 Stone & 5 Dragon Balls

2,888 CPs

Optional +6 Steed & 5 Dragon Balls

2,888 CPs

Big Permanent Stone & Optional P6 Dragon Soul

3,888 CPs

Vital Pill x100

9,999 CPs

+8 Stone & Tough Drill

20,888 CPs

Super Tortoise Gem x7

3,888 CPs

50,000 Study Points

5,999 CPs


The prices are never so breathtaking! Grab what you need with this rare chance, now!

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