Christmas Credit Giveaway Kicks Off, Nov. 14th!

Date: Nov 13 2013 22:48:14 Source: Official Views:

Even though Christmas is still a month away, the holiday season has brought on a shopping extravaganza! You don't have to wait for Black Friday to get great deals, because it's time to get your hands on some great rebates on CPs(B), only in the Christmas Credit Giveaway!

From Nov. 14th - 30th, players will receive points by crediting either a $7.99 TQ Point Card, $15.99 TQ Point Card, or $29.99 TQ Point Card, which can be used to claim Bound CPs up to 18% of the amount you credited!


Gift Pack Rewards

50 Credits

160 CPs(B)

150 Credits

800 CPs(B)

300 Credits

2,150 CPs(B)

500 Credits

4,600 CPs(B)

800 Credits

9,000 CPs(B)

1,300 Credits

17,300 CPs(B)

2,000 Credits

30,750 CPs(B)

3,000 Credits

55,300 CPs(B)


Sound great? Sure it does! Come and get a rebate pack for yourself, and celebrate the coming of Christmas!

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