Elite CS-CTF Report: Mercury, A Rising Super Star

Date: Nov 08 2013 04:37:12 Source: Official Views:

As the dust settles on the Elite Cross-server Capture the Flag (US), Mercury shed the blood of the challengers, unseating the defending champion, Lion, and fought all the way to the top! Could we be witnessing the birth of a rising star?

When the battle began, all members from Mercury sprinted to the flags scattered all over the battlefield as the server opened. Yet, pressure from Phoenix seemed overwhelming. Interceptions from teams of the different servers led to a back and forth struggle to claim as many flags as possible, but still left Phoenix trailing Mercury by just a small margin.

Many members pushed to the second flag base when running into the first one, finding out there were way too many powerful fighters on guard, and deployed most of their manpower in the second base. Gradually, Mercury began to lead in this battle. Yet, as hard as Phoenix tried to catch up to them, they always came up short because of the midfield interceptions. Now, what about the reigning champs? Lion stumbled with a terrible start, and got cut off by several teams, never quite able to make a comeback.

Midway through the battle, Cancer broke out and slaughtered those from Volcano and Libra, taking a solid place at No.3 in the rankings, and even coming close to catching up to the 2nd place Phoenix team. Emerald furtively took #4 into their possession and kept on gaining an advantage over others.

However, in the last few minutes of the battle, Virgo swept in without a sound and wiped out everyone standing in the way, playing a tug-of-war for 3rd with Cancer. A pity that Cancer couldn't hold on to the lead over Virgo, and they lost control of 3rd as Virgo took command.

As the clock hit 22:00, everything goes eerily silent. Fighters begin to file out, while Mercury erupts into cheers, filling up the air at the joy of becoming the new champions of the Elite Cross-server Capture the Flag (US)!

Note: The video for the Elite Cross-server Capture the Flag (US) will be posted on our official YouTube page, as well as on the official event page. We invite all of the community to check it out!

The first Elite Cross-server Team PK is soon to be held, keeping the action going! Which team is the most talented and tactical? Stay tuned to find out!


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