Raise Demons & Fortune Square Kicks Off on Oct. 17th!

Date: Oct 15 2013 20:42:12 Source: Official Views:

As days close in on the Halloween Day, things related to Halloween have surfaced more often than not. That said, the CO team is glad to introduce the event "Raise Demons & Fortune Square" to all CO fans!

From Oct. 17th 01:00 to Nov. 3rd 24:00 (PDT), players who credit TQ Point Cards to their account, including $0.99 TQ Point Card, $1.99 TQ Point Card, $4.99 TQ Point Card, $7.99 TQ Point Card, $15.99 TQ Point Card and $29.99 TQ Point Card, can adopt their very own Demon Soul by logging on to the event page! (Each account can adopt only one Demon Soul.)

To grow the Demon and try your luck in Fortune Square, you'll need Growth Points (known as GPs) & Points. Each $7.99 TQ Point Card will earn you 5 GPs and points, a $15.99 TQ Point Card gives 10 GPs and points and a $29.99 TQ Point Card awards you 20 GPs and points. What's more, these Growth Points count towards your final score in the rankings for the event. After the event ends, the top 30 players will receive great prizes!

In addition, as you credit to gain Growth Points, the demon will upgrade when reaching the cap for each level. Each upgrade will give you a gift pack, which contains millions of Silver, Dragon Balls, Tough Drills, +Stones, CPs(B), and Chi Points! Also, there'll be an extra reward for players that reach certain levels! The EXTRA reward will be sent to the players, after the event ends.

Don't wait until it's too late, and raise your own demon and luck into good rewards!

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