Cross-server CTF Rescheduled to Sept. 25th & Oct. 9th

Date: Sep 10 2013 00:43:49 Source: Official Views:

Attention, players!

Due to the Chinese national holidays, the CO team would like to reschedule the Cross-server Capture the Flag to be held on Sept. 25th for American servers, and on Oct. 9th for European servers!

With this change, the winning guild in Capture the Flag on Sept. 21st for American servers will be granted admission, and the guilds that take 1st & 2nd spot in Capture the Flag on Oct. 5th will be able to join!

Each guild leader should report to the CS-CTF Manager in Twin City (350, 340), to claim an Entry Token for the event. For American servers, this will last from 00:00 Sept. 23rd to 20:00 Sept. 25th (PDT). For European servers, it begins at 00:00 Oct. 7th, and ends at 20:00 Oct. 9th (GMT). Do NOT miss the time for your guild to sign up for the event!

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