Surprise Credit Pack Giveaway Begins, Sept 5th!

Date: Sep 03 2013 04:16:35 Source: Official Views:

What can crediting get you in-game? What CAN’T it get you??? The benefits of crediting continue, with a special event! Check out the details, below!

Duration: Sept. 5th 01:00 – Sept. 30th 24:00 (PDT)

1. During the event, ANY PLAYER can credit a $7.99 TQ Point Card, a $15.99 TQ Point Card, or a $29.99 TQ Point Card to earn special gifts!
2. There are 3 different kinds of gift packs, each of which contains several items. What kind of gift pack you can claim is based on the highest-valued TQ Point Card you credit during the event.
3. After you claim your gift from the page, you can login the game to collect it from the Prize Officer (Market 185, 170).
4. Each player can claim only one pack during the event.

What kind of gift pack will you get? For more information, you can go to the event page and check it out!

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