Guild War Video Contest Begins!

Date: Sep 13 2013 05:51:21 Source: Official Views:

Starting today through Sept. 30th, the CO team is glad to debut a new contest for the community, the Guild War Video Contest! As the title suggests, this contest is all about recording the Guild War for your server. In return, there'll be several winners from each server chosen to receive the special prizes!


Duration: Aug. 23rd - Sept. 30th

Requirement: All Players

Contest Details:

  1. All players who want to participate in the event should join their server’s Guild War and make a video of the battle. The video should cover the progression of the Guild War, including Left Gate, Right Gate and the taking of the Guild Pole, as well as around the map.
  2. The video for the Guild War MUST be clear and fluid (better in 480p or 720p). Before the video begins, you're required to put in your in-game name, server, date and time.
  3. The video MUST be named in the format of "Guild War-Your Server-Character Name", and uploaded to YouTube, or another video hosting site.
  4. Once it's uploaded, you'll need to send the link of the video in an e-mail to The subject of the e-mail MUST be "Guild War Video Contest". Besides, you're required to include your account ID in the e-mail, too!
  5. The winners will be decided by the CO team. There'll be 1 - 3 winners from each server, with each winner to receive 1,075 CPs as a reward, a week after the event ends.

What are you waiting for? Send us your exciting battle videos, now!

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