Summer Elves Arrive on Aug. 1st

Date: Jul 31 2013 06:38:10 Source: Official Views:

Have you ever made a wish before the Tree of Bayou? Or to Santa Claus? Well, there’s no need for that, anymore! On Aug 1st, Fairy Sara (449, 378) will drop from the sky and settle down in Twin City, to help you make your wishes come true!

From Aug. 1st - 14th, you will receive a Holy Lamp when you login. Rub it, and you'll unleash the Wishing Elf! He will give 9 options for the different wishes you can make! Each wish will cost you only 19 - 249 CPs, but you can also use a Wishing Gem worth 10 CPs, which can be found on monsters in the wild. Different wishes can get you different rewards, even a +8 Stone or 1,000 CPs!

Moreover, there's a ranking for the wish makers! The more you make wishes for the prize you want, the higher you'll rank! And the No. 1 wish-makers for each wish will be rewarded with the items they wished for when the event ends! In addition to that, there'll be 9 extra prizes for a select group of participants, who will be randomly chosen after the event ends.

Will you make a wish with us? Come and join us, now!

For more details, just check here!

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