Weekend Carnival Cake Baking

Server Time: July 28th 00:00 to July 29th 23:59
Prizes: Weekend Pack, EXP
NPC: Cake Baker (Twin City 443,330)

Requirement: Level 40 or above

1. Find the Cake Baker (Twin City 443,330) to receive this quest.
2. You need to pay 500 silver for each cake recipe. There are a total of 4 recipes for the 4 available cakes.
3. Read the recipe carefully, since you'll need to gather the materials by hunting monsters.
4. After all the ingredients are found, you can right click the recipe to make your cake. You'll randomly make a Supreme, Normal, or Inferior Cake.
5.You can right click the cake to eat it to gain the EXP and if you are lucky, you will get a weekend pack. You can at most do this quest 20 times a day.


1. You will have the chance to get Meteor, Exp Pot, Garment, Gem, Study Book, Exp Ball, Praying Stone and Refinery Sack.
2. You can at most do this quest 20 times a day.

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