The Sound of Music

Event Time: July 19th - August 2nd

Requirement: Level 70 and above

NPC: Musician Zhong (Twin City 455, 395)


The Sound of Music
Sweet Music Pack
A gift given by Musician Zhong for handing in one correct note. Open it to receive a random gift from 1 Endurance Book, 10 EXP Ball Scraps, 5 Small Praying Stone Scraps, 1 Exp Potion, 1 Dragon Soul (P2, P3 or P4), 1 Meteor Box, 1 Moon Box, 1 House Permit, 1 Celestial Stone.
The Sound of Music
Natural Music Pack
A gift given by Musician Zhong for handing in all the 14 correct notes. Open it to receive a random gift from 1 EXP Ball, 4 Endurance Books, 1 Special Weapon Accessory Pack(7 days), 1 Praying Stone(S), 1 Penance Potion, 1 Horse Racing Points Pack(2,000 Points), 1 Moon Box, 3 random Refined Gems, 1 Upgrade Cert., 1 Dragon Ball.
You can find one of many new Weapon Accessories from the special Weapon Accessory Pack, including Broom, Blue Guitar, Dragon Bone, Frozen Tuna, Feather Duster...
The Sound of Music
Music Box
A piece of Furniture that can be placed in your house to play the music. You will have a chance to get it when you submit all the 14 correct notes.

Quest Item

Musical note The Sound of Music The Sound of Music The Sound of Music The Sound of Music The Sound of Music The Sound of Music The Sound of Music
Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti
Musical notes Hand in the correct Musical Notes to help Musician Zhong compose his song.


1. Musician Zhong will appear in Twin City (455, 395) from July 19th to August 2nd, looking for talented players to help him find the lost notes to complete his masterpiece. You can talk to him to learn more about this quest.

The Sound of Music

2. During the event time, you can find 7 different types of musical notes (Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti) from defeated monsters, everyday.

3. After you pick up a note, you can hand it to Musician Zhong. If the note is correct, Musician Zhong will give you a Sweet Music Pack as reward. He needs 14 notes to complete his melody.

4. You need to hand in 14 notes in the correct order. After you complete this quest, Musician Zhong will play the melody for you and give you a valuable Natural Music Pack as reward. Some lucky player may also receive a Music Box.

1. You can complete this quest for only one time during the event.
2. You will have a lower chance to find musical notes from monsters whose level is 20 lower than yours.
3. The Music Box is bound and will expire on Sep. 2nd, 2012. You can play it in your House (should be Level 2 or above) to enjoy the music before that day.

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