Thanksgiving Events

Duration: Nov. 23rd- 28th

Requirements: Level 80+


Level Ultra Grateful Pack
Non-Reborn 20 minutes of EXP Receive a random gift: Endurance Book(B), Exp Ball(B), Exp Potion(B), Praying Stone(S)(B), Medium Refinery Pack(B),Meteor(B), Meteor Scroll(B), Skill Proficiency Pack(B), Random Garment(B)(7-day), Random Mount Armor(B)(7-day), P1 Soul Pack(B), Emerald(B), Bomb, Moon Box(B), Yin Yang Fruit, Celestial Stone(B), or House Permit(B).
First-Reborn 30 minutes of EXP Receive a random gift: Random Refined Gem, Praying Stone(M), Weapon Accessory Pack, Random Garment (7-day), Random Mount Armor(7-day), Bomb, Antique Soul Pack, Superior Refinery Pack, Health Wine, Endurance Book Pack, Memory Agate, Moon Box, Penitence Amulet, Meteor Scroll, Labyrinth Permit, Celestial Stone, +1 Stone, +1 Maroon Steed Pack, Quest Chance B, Sash(S), House Permit(B), Normal Thunder Gem, Normal Glory Gem, Normal Tortoise Gem, or Endeavor Scroll.
Second-Reborn 60 minutes of EXP Receive a random gift: Fortune Bag, Meteor Scroll, Random -1 Garment (7-day), Random -1 Mount Armor(7-day), Penitence Amulet, -1 Weapon Accessory Pack (7-day), Antique Soul Pack, Superior Refinery Pack, Memory Agate, Vigor Pill, Sash(S), Random Super Gem, Refined Thunder Gem, Refined Glory Gem, Refined Tortoise Gem, Penitence Amulet Pack, Small Lottery Ticket x3, Dragon Ball, +1 Stone, +2 Stone, +1 Maroon Steed Pack, +2 Maroon Steed Pack, or Endeavor Scroll.

As the much-anticipated Thanksgiving Day comes, everyone can receive a Festival Invitation to join in the Thanksgiving Day celebration! The Thanksgiving Envoy (Twin City 437,346) appears in Twin City to introduce all kinds of fun activities! You can receive 60 minutes of Exp and 6 hours of Heaven's Blessing from him, each day of the festival. If you join any of the celebration activities, you will be able to receive Ultra Grateful Packs, from which you can get EXP and some fancy gifts!

Thanksgiving Events

Thanksgiving Activities:

Lucky Cranberries

It seems that everyone has a special lucky color, everyday! Which one is your lucky color? Exchange lucky Cranberries with others, and try to get your color of the day!

1. Find Augur Rain (Twin City 451, 348) to learn which is your lucky color, and she will give you 5 colored Cranberries.

2. Collect 5 Cranberries of your color by exchanging with others. When you get enough Cranberries, right click them and you will be awarded with an Ultra Grateful Pack.

Thanksgiving Events

Note: Your lucky color changes each day. You can only complete this quest once per day.

Corn Vs Zombies

A lot of weird zombies have wandered into Twin City! No one can destroy them, and the citizens in Twin City are scared out of their wits! Taoist Han invented a special Corn Cannon, which you can use to battle the horrible zombies. Use the Corn Cannon to protect the citizens of Twin City!

1. Find Taoist Han (Twin City 510,450) to join the rescue of Twin City. He will give you an assignment.

2. You will need to find some corn to use in the Corn Cannon. Corn can be found in the Corn Chest (Twin City 522,450). Once you put 3 stacks of corn into the Corn Cannon (Twin City 512,444), it will be ready to fire.

3. Use the Corn Cannon to destroy the zombies. Destroy 10 Zombies, and you can claim an Ultra Grateful Pack from Taoist Han.

Thanksgiving Events

Note: After the event, the hero who destroys the most zombies can claim a Dragon Ball from Taoist Han!

Chicken, Run!

Amos is not happy these days, because his turkeys are too lazy. Come and help Amos drive those lazy turkeys around the field, and enjoy the game of "Chicken, Run!" There will be two rounds of the game every day, held at 09:00 and 21:00.

1. Claim a Fiery Torch at Amos (Twin City 455,343).

2. When the game begins, use the Fiery Torch to drive the turkeys. Once you drive them 10 times, the turkey will move one step, and drop 1-2 Ultra Grateful Packs.

3. If the turkey reaches the finishing line, it will drop 20 Ultra Grateful Packs!

Thanksgiving Events

Cheerful Match

During the Thanksgiving days, Park Owner Jamie and Susie will hold a Cheerful Match for all the citizens of Twin City. Everyone can take part in this fun activity!

1. Find Park Owner Jamie (Twin City 455,346) to enter the Puzzle Land.

2. Click any of the dolls, which will send you to a random place in the Puzzle Land, and you need to find another doll which has the same look as the one you chose.

3. When you find 5 pairs of the same dolls, you can talk to Park Owner Susie (Puzzle Land 93,113) to return to Twin City and claim your Ultra Grateful Pack from Park Owner Jamie.

4. You can only play the game once, per day.

Thanksgiving Events

Turkey Evolution

Do you know the evolution of the turkey? You can play the finger-guessing game with Gamer Turkey, Gamer Eagle, and Gamer Superman during the Thanksgiving Days. To be a turkey or be a human, it depends on your luck.

1. Find Gamer Turkey to take the challenge first, and get an Expert Shooter. With that, you can be transformed into a turkey and play with Gamer Turkey.

2. If you beat Gamer Turkey, you will be transformed into an eagle, and then play with Gamer Eagle.

3. If you beat Gamer Eagle, you will be transformed into a Superman, and then play with Gamer Superman.

4. If you beat Gamer Superman, congratulations! You will go back to a human form and get an Ultra Grateful Pack as a reward!

Thanksgiving Events

Note: The transformation will last for only 2 minutes. If you do not win the  finger-guessing game, you should start over.

Rapid Harvest

In order to celebrate the abundant harvest, Farmer Tu comes to Twin City to hold the Fruit Picking game, and everyone who joins in this match will get an Ultra Grateful Pack. Come and join!

1. Find Farmer Tu (Twin City 507,453) to attend the Fruit Picking game. He will turn you into an ape.

2. The transformation will last for 1 minute, and you must try to get fruit from the trees. There are 3 ways to get fruit. One is making the fruit drop by roaring, the other is shaking the tree, and the last one is jumping up to knock fruit from the trees.

3. You can claim an Ultra Grateful Pack from Farmer Tu if you get 20 fruits during the transformation. If you can get 30 fruits during that time, you will be awarded with extra Exp. Of course, if you don't gather enough fruit during the transformation, you can talk to Farmer Tu and take another try.

4. At the end of the match, the one who picks the most fruit in one minute will get a Dragon Ball from Farmer Tu!

5. Everyone can only join this match once, per day.

Thanksgiving Events

Jolly Clean-up

The free meal on Thanksgiving is so delicious, and the games are full of fun. Everyone has enjoyed Thanksgiving so much, but there is so much trash that has been left all over the Wind Plain! In order to protect the environment, Cleaner Piggy is asking for your help.

1. Talk to Cleaner Piggy (Twin City 495,465) and tell him that you would like to help.

2. Cleaner Piggy asks you to pick up the trash in the Wind Plain, and throw it into the Garbage Furnace (Twin City 493,469).

3. There are 3 kinds of trash: Shabby Packing Paper, Chewed Bone, and Chipped Tooth. You need to collect 10 of each, then throw them into the Garbage Furnace, so you can get an Ultra Grateful Pack.

4. You can only do it once, per day.

Thanksgiving Events

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