Father's Day In-game Event - Compassion Cube

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In celebration of the festival of dads, we have prepared a string of fun events for you to participate in. In addition to having fun, you also can get yourself some awesome prizes. Talk to Father's Day Envoy (Twin City, 429,368) during June 14 – June 18 to learn about these in-game events.

Time: June 14th -----June 18th

NPC: Apprentice Moon (Twin City 473,239), Serenity Taoist(Twin City 449,378)

Requirement: Level 80 or above.



Serenity Taoist gave it to you to thank you for helping him with the praying ritual.

Quest Items:

Compassion Cube:

Mercy Cube. Only the ones who hold a grateful heart to their father can receive it. Serenity Taoist holds the key to it.


This is a beautiful dendrobium. The Serenity Taoist is collecting them for the prayer ritual, for this Father's Day.

Golden Key

A golden key, used to open the lock on the Mercy Cube.


1. From June 14th----June 18th, all level 80+ players can claim a Compassion Cube from Apprentice Moon (Twin City, 473,239) every day. However, you have to get a golden key to open the cube.

2. Speak to Serenity Taoist (Twin City, 470,241). He will ask you to collect 8 Dendrobiums to trade for the key.

3. You can find dendrobiums in the Wind Plain. After you collect 8 of them, go back to Serenity Taoist for the golden key. In addition to the golden key, he will also give you a Praying Ritual Pack as reward.

4. After you get the key, right click the Compassion Cube to open it. You will find great prize inside.


You can participate in this quest once a day.

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