Summer Homework

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Duration: July 8th to July 21st

Requirements: Level 80+

NPC: Hula (Twin City 295,370)


You will have chance to get bound CPs and swap Ice Cream Sticks for the following rewards:


Quest Item:


Ice Cream Stick

Give it to Hula for a reward. It`ll turn into a Fortune Coin if being used after July 21.

Ice Cream Stick

You`ll receive CPs (B) or Ice Cream Stick after eating it. Expires on July 22, 2017.



  1. Hula is given a homework to make a house with ice cream sticks, it'll cost lots of sticks. Go and help her collect some.
  2. You may get Summer Ice Cream when hunting monsters in CO main maps, you`ll receive CPs (B) or an Ice Cream Stick after eating it.
  3. If you get some Ice Cream Sticks, you can swap them for various rewards at Hula.
  4. You can get 20 Summer Ice Creams from hunting normal monsters every day, but the Ice Cream Robber with bad temper has more Summer Ice Creams, you can find them in Wind Plain. Kill them and you will get 10 more Summer Ice Creams at most.
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