Labour Day Event


May 1st – May 7th


Level 80


You can exchange LaborMedal or FortuneCoin for various rewards at ModelWorkerLam, and there are ranking prizes for hunting monsters, please check out the detail in Walkthrough below.


ModelWorkerLam in Wind Plain (291,367)


1. During the event, heroes will have chance to get LaborMedal when hunting monsters in every map. You will also get LaborMedal after finishing a daily quest.

Note: You can get up to 50 LaborMedals a day.

2. And when you kill 1000 monsters, you will receive a GloriousLaborBox, a hero can get up to 5 GloriousLaborBoxes a day.

3. Heroes can exchange LaborMedal or FortuneCoin for rewards at ModelWorkerLam. Please check out the detail below.

Note: The FreedomSuitFragment can be combined into 30-day, 90-day, 180-day or even permanent Freedom Suit(B) randomly.

4. What's more, there is a daily rank for hunting monsters.

The top 5 players will be rewarded with decent prizes.

-1WeaponAccessoryPack: Open to receive a 7-day -1% weapon accessory.
ElegantGarmentPack: This delicate pack randomly gives a 2-hour, 8-hour, 24-hour, or 7-day -1% Blessed garment.
Please be noted that the duration for the ranking is 08:00 to 23:59 server time, please plan accordingly.

  • 15th Anniversary World Cup Passport
  • 2018 FIFA World Cup Guessing
  • Bound Items Carnival
  • Extra Rewards in Fiend Lair
  • Poker King Series CPT
  • Heavenly Ultimate Tournament
  • PK Tournaments Reward Upgrade
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