The Wish Lantern

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Event Time: February 7th - February 11th

Requirements: Level 80+ or reborn Players

NPC: Miss Lotus (Twin City 282,372);
Wish Lantern (Twin City 276,372/279,378/285,378/279,368/285,368)


Festival Joy Pack
Festival Joy Pack
Open it to get some EXP and a gift as rewards.


  1. During the event, you can talk to Miss Lotus in Twin City to learn about the event.
  2. Light the Wish Lantern, and you'll receive blessing and gifts from Miss Lotus.


  • Super Guild Sales
  • Credit Flop
  • Tomb Rush
  • Bound Item Carnivals
  • Super Guild War
  • New Server-Justice Chant Opens on
  • Super Guild Pack
  • Lucky Chi Trainer
  • Might of shadow fan
  • Beyond Perfection
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