Facebook Conquer Closing, Account Transfers Underway

Date: Aug 28 2012 23:29:03 Source: Official Views: Share

Dear Player,

The CO team has come to a decision that due to underwhelming performance, the Facebook Conquer will be shut down at approximately on Sept. 24th. We’re terribly saddened by the closing of this marvelous version, however, the decision will carry with it an opportunity for players to transfer their characters to the Evolution server in the PC-based Conquer Online.

Players can talk to the NPC in Twin City (438,377) to register a new account, and all character stats (as of Sept. 24th) will be recorded and transferred to the designated server.

But wait, because the transfer wouldn’t be complete without a few parting gifts! There will be 350 Bound CPs, 7 Praying Stones, 7 Triple Exp Potions, and 7 Exp Balls waiting for you when you get there! You can claim the prize from Price Officer (185,170) in the market.

If you have any questions regarding the transfer, please feel free to contact us at co@netdragon.com and include your account information in the e-mail!

Thank you for all of your support and love for this great game!