Conquer Online Official Newbie Guide!

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Welcome to the community of the world renowned Kung-fu MMO - Conquer Online! Before you start off on your legendary journey in-game, here are a few tips that might be helpful for you!

How to Begin
Right after you create your character, the Beginner's Quest will be automatically activated. The auto-path will lead you to different villagers in Twin City and the Market. Just follow the system tips and finish all the quests, and you'll be able to learn some basic in-game functions and operations. After that, it's time for you to do some real quests!

You might wonder how you could venture around without nice gear, but don't worry. We've got those for you, too! You can now start on the Equipment Bonus Quests from your Class Trainer in Job Center, which will grant you massive exp and some nice equipment as a reward! Meanwhile, the Captains of each city are recruiting volunteers to eliminate the monsters for them. Pay a visit to them and accept their tasks. They will award you with Exp Balls and Meteors, which can later be used to level up or repair your items!

Quests all done? Try hunting some monsters! You will level up really fast and your weapon skills will be improved, too! This is a great way to accumulate a small fortune, and if you're lucky enough, you will find some wonderful loot like Gems, Meteors or even the rare Dragon Balls!

When reaching Level 15, 40, 70, 100 & 110, don't forget to pay a visit to your Class Trainer in Job Center. You will get promoted and learn some awesome skills!

Fast Level Up
1. Daily Quests: To help you level up fast and claim some wonderful rewards.
2. Captain's Recruitment: You will get up to 3 Meteors everyday and a lot of EXP, if you can finish the tasks assigned by the Generals in different cities.
3. Equipment Bonus Quests: Players will gain different quality Bound equipment and free Exp Balls for completing these tasks. You can accept the tasks from your Job Trainer in the Job Center (Twin City)
4. Quiz Show: Test your knowledge to win lots of experience! It begins at 04:00, 14:00, and 21:00 on every Saturday and Sunday (Server Time).

5. Arena: You will receive Honor Points and EXP if you join in the Qualifier 20 times a day, or win 9 times in a day.

6. Power Arena: you will get lots of EXP every night, in the exciting Power Arena!

7. Training Ground: Feel tired? No problem. Pay a visit to the Boxer (every city map) to enter the Training Ground and leave your character there to hone their skills. You can just AFK and have a break!

Get Rich
1. Mining: There are several mines located in each of the main cities. Get a Pick Axe from Store Keeper (every city map) and start your gold rush! Fortune is hiding right under the ground! You can sell the ores to the shops for Silver, not to mention finding Gems, +Stones, Meteors and other valuable items! You can sell them in the Market for a good price, or even CPs!

2. Water Fall Cave (Phoenix City): The monsters there will drop Saddles, which can be used to upgrade your horses. You can also sell them in the Market for CPs!

3. Slaying Monsters: Collecting the money & loot dropped by monsters and sell them in the Market! You'll soon be rich!
4. Guild Contest (Every Monday): Join a guild with a positive fund. All guild members can participate in the contest. Kill the monsters to earn Guild Points for your guild. The top guild will be awarded with millions of Silver as a reward!

Advanced Quests
After you are capable of handling all the training mentioned above, you will be strong enough to accept some advanced challenges!

1. Horse Racing : A little fun quest. If you have a steed and have learned the mount skills, why not join in the Horse Racing to prove yourself! The Horse Race Manager will tell you the rules, points and rewards of the Horse Racing!
2. Weekly Guild War & Flame Lit : Fierce battle for guilds.
3. Dis City : Challenge dangerous monsters and win free Exp rewards.
4. Elite PK Tournament & Team PK Tournament : Held every weekend. Enjoy the fun of PvP and teamplay! Great rewards are waiting to be claimed!
5. Class PK Tournament : This is how you prove you are among the best of your class!

This is just a brief guide. We believe that's pretty enough for a newbie to begin. There are lot more surprises await to be discovered. Once again, welcome to Conquer Online! We hope you enjoy our game and have a good time!

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