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Love Story

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Of course I had seen her around. I knew she was one of the strongest and most beautiful archers in Mercury. She seemed unattainable. I thought, if I'm going to have a chance with her I'm going to need gold. Lots of gold.

I started mining straight away. To my surprise she was there, protecting the miners. I waved and to my surprise she said hello. We started chatting and the question of why I was mining came up, so I told her I needed money. I asked her why a rich beautiful archer like her would want to talk to a poor low level like me. She told me these things are unimportant, what is more important is friendship, happiness and love.

I used this opportunity to ask her out on a date. I had the perfect day planned, we visited waterfalls and forests and as the sun set we went out dancing by the moonlight.

There was only one way to make this life more perfect. I took her to the most romantic location I know and asked her to be my wife. She accepted. After the wedding, we went back to our house and lived happily ever after.

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