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Basically Everything You Need to Know

Author:CarpSta Date: Sep 10 2009 05:49:55 Views:

Hi everybody I am carpface from wild kingdom/dragon server and I'm going to tell u about everything you need to have a character in conquer online.

Table of Contents

1. Leveling

2. Classes

3. Making Money

4. Vending/+1/Refined/Unique/Elite/Super/Cps

1. Everybody wants to level fast. Other people say go to bird island and have an archer power level you. Yea you can do that that's fast but you want to do it by yourself so you can upgrade weapon profiency.

2. Classes

Archer- Bow and Arrow. They Fly and Move Fast. You get a certain level and u can shoot many arrows.

Taoist -  Use Magic or Mana. They Use Backswords that's the only weapon they can use. Its helps magic attack. Level 40 you have a choice of a fire Taoist or water Taoist

Warrior- Equips a shield and weapon no bow or backsword. At level 40 the equip shields they have the heaviest armor

Trojan- Equips 2 weapons at level 40. Can't Use Bow or BackSword

Ninja-Equips 2 weapons at level 40. Can't Use Bow or Backsword

3. Making Money

Well you can start at mining and sell the ores.

Or Go to Bird Island and pick up the gold that dops or pick the items and sell them at the pharmacist or storekeeper.

4. Vending

You go to the market if there is a shop flag spot open click on shop flag and vend then put your items in the box and give a price or you have of choice of celling cps or conquer points. Each conquer point or cp is worth 100,000 silver.

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