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[Tips] Easy Ninja Leveling Guide 1-130

Author: Chishio Date: Aug 18 2009 23:38:34 Views:

Welcome to my guide/classes/ninja.shtml' target=_blank>Ninja Leveling Guide. Let's start!

Wait.. Before we start there is one thing you should have on your ninja - Beginners Pack. It helps a lot, believe me. If you are only going to make your ninja, make sure it's through the Mounts Warpaint link so you can claim beginners pack at level 15.

Now, let's get to the leveling itself.


1-15 (or a bit more)

Well, this shouldn't be big problem, just follow path finding in beginners quest and you will be level 12 at the end. You will finish it in Job Centre in front of your trainer. Talk with him again and take task called "Defense of Twin City". It's really easy, just following the steps and you're done. U should be level 16-18 atm.


Now, go to Bird Island and get Plvled to level 40. Or more if you want. At level 40 I think you get Praying Stone (S) from it. Just use it so you can go Offline TG at night. Now there is also Online Exp from Blessing so try not to go to the normal Training Grounds. Don't forget to get promoted.

As you are promoted at lvl 40, you can wear 2 katanas. Equip the ones, which you got from the beginners quest at the beginning. I think you should be full refined now.

Begin the Tasks so you get some ExpBalls at the end, just use them all on yourself. (If you have main char, don't forget to enlighten this one. If you have for example 5 chars over lvl 100, enlighten ur ninja with them so it will level up. Just keep doing this and in 2 days if you are lazy you become 70.


Now you get promoted with Emerald and learn Toxic Fog. By doing quests your weapon prof should be about level 5 and Twofold blades level 1. Leave it like that. Get yourself, or upgrade level of equip to the highest you can wear and it Should look like this, in combination with Beginners pack:

Eli hood {or headgear) level 67

Eli Neckly level 67

Uni Ring level 70

Eli katana level 60

Uni katana level 60

Eli armor level 70

Eli boots level 70

Keep being enlightened every day, take quests and exp balls from Beginners pack. If you are bored, you can also do Hunting quests for mets (I did them). Until 75 try to have Toxic Fog at level 1 (it's possible, I had it level 1 on 74), at 75 take another Praying Stone (S) from beginners pack. Because of Online Exp now again don't visit Training Grounds for 3 days. While doing Hunter Quest, use Twofold Blades as much as possible to level them to level 2.

By this in 1, 5 days of that 3 you should be lvl 80. Now don't do anything else, just go TG or sit somewhere and exp Toxic Fog. Well, you can be enlightened, take expballs and so on..


Maybe the most boring part. Continue what you were doing until now and stop at 88 or sth. I mean that level when you can do Hunters Quest in Bird Island. Doesn't really matter if you will do it alone or in team, get the best equip you can, well, that one from quests may be enough. Until level 90 try to make Toxic fog level 2 so at 90 you can begin making it 3. Be enlightened, take ExpBalls, do whatever you want and one day you will reach 100.


Your Toxic Fog should be 3 and be taking 40% of targets HP 20 times per 1 min. Now go and do Talisman quests. With Toxic fog like this it is REALLY easy.  (Don't forget to get promoted and if you want make Twofold Blades level 3)

Now, level 100 is the point where you have to have gear good enough, also katanas level 100. Good enough gear means from Beginners pack, From Equip bonus quests and in Super Items also +s.

Now, here comes 2 options for you. Continue leveling with Hunting quests or taking club, learning rage and going to the lab (also 2000 VPs needed). Before entering lab makes sure yours items have max dura. You have probably noticed that you can equip only level 15 clubs. But you won't take level 15 clubs to the lab. You will take there level... Let's say 100 clubs. How? Take uni level 15 clubs and keep upgrading it in MARKET until its level 100. As long as you have it in hand, you can wear it. Once you take it off, you cant wear it anymore.

Enter lab and kill Silingers (don't forget to take TwinCity scroll with you). Use Fatal Strike every time it's possible. By this way, with strong weapons like eli katana 100 and uni club 100 it will be really fast. Stay in lab till 110, or more if you want.


After you left lab, your items dura should be 1 or 0, but not completely destroyed or you will have to waste a lot of mets on it. Now, get moonbox and get promoted to NinjaMaster and get DB. DONT, I repeat DONT..... DONT waste it on lotto.  Get for it one Super Katana with or without socket, its about prices on your server. On lvl 120 you will get another one from --- guess what? BEGINNERS PACK.

Now, its again Boring here, just do Hunter quest on red devils with club (if the old one is destroyed, make another one or just take level 15, up to you). Keep doing it till 117-118. At those levels, bring Wine to Alcoholist and he will let you enter to Wine Cave or how it is called with creature's level 120 which looks like RedDevils but they are higher lvl and use magic attack, which thanks to your talismans should hit you 1. By the way before 120 try to fix Toxic fog. By leveling your katana should be lvl 12 or more.


Now, finally you can get another super katana. This is the time where you can slow down, fix skills, make weapon prof level high enough, upgrade equip... Upgrade equip - if you can't afford DB to do it, just try wasting few meteors in TC Artisan, it may work. (It worked here).

Where you have everything on level you want, do Exterminator quest every day, do Dis City and FROZEN GROTTO! This may take some time but after 1-2 weeks you will be 130 or really close to it.


Some Reborn Tips:

If is ninja your first char (not from RB), do not think about anything else, just make NINJA-WARRIOR-ANYTHING. It will have Toxic Fog and Reflect so it will be really strong.

What that ANYTHING should be? I'd suggest Trojan or Fire. At Warr part of RB, don't RB before 130 too so you will have a lot of Attribute Points to put into Vitality on Trojan, Fire or whatever will the last RB be. (Pls no archer, its not worth it.)


Last TIPS:

-Open Beginners Pack every time possible, it helps a lot.

-From Beginners Pack you should have a lot of Exp Pots, use it between levels 110-120 to make it faster. Also 100-110, take few to lab with you.

-If you have time or aren't Heaven Blessed, go Training Grounds to exp weapon prof and Twofold Blades.

-Don't forget to Click OFFLINE TG every time you got Heaven Blessing and going offline.


The End. Thanks for Reading.

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