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Author : T.I.Marbury
Posted on : 12-28-2007
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Hey guys my name is T.I.Marbury and if u wants to be the best u have to buy a bulk pack. I'm gonna teach u what to do with that bulk pack once u get it.

Alright so first u needa buy a bulk pack . Its definitely worth it because u get so many dragonballs for so little money. 310 dollars is spare change for a guy like me so I like to buy a bulk pack ever 4 days.

Alright u should get ur bulk pack really quick if ur pro like me but anyway once u get all those dbs u get confused sometimes. WOW 125 DBS OMG I R LEET. But wait u need to be careful what u do with ur dbs before u think u r the best.

First u need claim them and trade them ALL in for cp.

Second u need to count up ur cp and check that tq didn't rip u off. I always check and they never ripped me off cause Ií»m such a regular buyer.

Third u need to Spam broadcast with msg about how pro u r that u got a bulk pack. I usually like to say HAHAHHA OMG MAN I GOT BULK PACK I CAN SPAM BROADCAST ALL DAY MAN HAHA. or

YO YO YO I GOT CPS AND U GOT NONE OMG OWNED. U can come up with ur own.

After spamming broadcast for about an hour u should still have SO many cps left. so next u need to buy every single dress from fchen shop. I mean how can u live without all those dress at such a cheap price u just had to buy them all.

Now I bet u still have so many cps left that u just want to buy everything from the item mall. Doní»t be so hasty next I would Spam lotto on at least 15 chars. I did lotto about 100 times a week and never got a 2 soc but I know it coming soon. U need to try it u get so many fruit baskets and amulets u think u r the god on conquer.

Now u should have a few cps left. Next u have to buy some items from the mall. I usually buy at least 30 dragonballs from the mall and change them in for cps again I make such a profit ití»s not funny. Next I always buy the ref fury,and kilns from the mall cause they r the cheapest gems and compose them into supers and enchant all my items. It really saves u money. Sometimes I even npc the gems cause I buy too many by mistake. I really like to give to the poor pharmacist sometimes makes me feel good sometimes.

Once ur cp runs out just buy another bulk pack, its really fun to play around with ur cps all day long.

This is by T.I.Marbury leading bulk packer of conquer


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